About Us

Hey there, my name is Anthony, and I am the author of “Dog Crate Lover”.

Welcome to my site. My reasons for starting this site were a bit selfish at first. I had purchased my first dog and didAnthonySpires not realize how difficult it would be to train one in a small one bedroom so I decided to buy a dog crate. You would not believe how many different types and variations of dog crates there are on the market until you actually start shopping for one. Needless to say I was overwhelmed and decided to document my entire process which is how Dog Crate Lover was born

I review all of the latest dog crates on the market and recommend only the best for you so you can spend more time mans best friend. What makes our site unique is that we are not just a review site. We also feature the latest dog crate training tips and various guides that will make the time you spend with your dog enjoyable in order to create priceless memories.