Aspenpet Pet Porter Kennel Review

Aspenpet Pet Porter Kennel is a     well-built and comfortable dog crate. This is an excellent portable kennel that has almost all the features required for air travel. The crate is designed to make it highly convenient for the pet owner to carry it around. From a sturdy body to well-designed doors and vents, this pet kennel will last for many years. It is certainly an outstanding value for money product.

Aspenpet Pet Porter Kennel Review

First of all, the kennel is made from heavy duty plastic that lends it sturdiness and light weight. It does not crack or break easily. It is a long-lasting product. It comes with plastic wing nuts that secure the kennel. These are non-corrosive and do a wonderful job of keeping the kennel together. Most importantly, they do not have any blunt edges that can hurt the pet, if they accidentally come in contact with them. They also makes it a safe kennel to be carried around by the owners. The front of the kennel features a steel wire door, which keeps the kennel enclosed. The extra strong door does not break or come off. The secure chrome squeeze door latches further add to its strength of the door. The kennel’s door can take some abuse from most small and medium dogs.

The kennel does not allow too much light to fall in. This is especially desirable for a dog kennel, because dogs like sleeping in enclosed spaces. This gives them their quiet space, while the wire door allows the owner to keep a constant watch on their pet.

The pet kennel offers ample ventilation to the pet. There are slits on the side of the kennel that keep the insides cool and does not make the pet uncomfortable even during summers. This kennel come in different sizes. The most commonly used sizes are 32” X 22.5” X 24”, which works for dogs weighing between 30-50 pounds, and the slightly bigger one with dimensions of 40″ X 27″ X 30″ for dogs that weigh around 70 to 90 pounds. There are other variants too to accommodate the other dog sizes.

Measure the dog first and then buy the one that suits your requirement. A too small kennel may be plain cruel to a dog, while a larger one will just toss them around in a flight. Yes, these kennels are safe for airline travel, but it is always a good idea to get in touch with the airport authorities to keep abreast with any changes in regulations that may have been made.

The kennel has built-in removable food and water bowls that can be attached to the door. This is really helpful while travelling with a dog. It is also really easy to clean with a water hose, as the plastic body does not get spoiled either by rusting or softening. If the pet owners want, they can buy a fitting mat for the kennel from the manufacturer too. The product is made in the US and the manufacturer provides a 1-year warranty on it.

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