Dog Food Linked to Canine Diseases

Humans take their health concerns very seriously and they understand that there is a strong relationship between their feelings and what goes in their stomach. The problem is that this concern ends with themselves because of their pets get neglected. Sadly, research has shown that there are many diseases directly related to dog food.

Quite a number of people purchase dog food on the basis of its low cost and brand recognition but not how it makes their pets feel. Researchers have found some astounding facts regarding the connection between canine disease and the things we make our pets eat.

A large variety of dog foods are available on  the market and some owners choose to make their own home based foodstuff. The best thing individuals can do for their mammal friend is to give him which accomplishes his dietary need

Common Canine Illnesses Associated with Dog Food


  1. Allergies and Skin Conditions

Almost everyone these days talks about canine food which is not filled with “fillers” like soy, corn, or wheat etc. The major argument in support of this is the fact that these fillers make your dog feel fuller without delivering any nourishment.

The issue with these foods is that it is often polluted with bugs living in poor storage and processing facilities.

These fillers are usually items which have been rejected for consumption by humans so they’re already from the worst lot, and to top that add the bugs from their poor storage.

These pollutants can cause a vast number of problems like irritation, discoloration of the skin, thinning of hair and a host of infections etc.

Being a victim of their reactions because of eating unhealthy food can result in the blackening of skin and death of cells in wounds which can slow their healing process. People only find out about these issues when their pets show signs of deterioration in health which they try to treat by changing the diet of their dogs.

If a dog has been diagnosed with any allergies or infections, the first step one should take is to check the quality of their dog’s food.

  1. Cancer

Finding that your pet, especially if you’re really attached to it, has cancer is nearly as heartbreaking as finding that any loved one has cancer.

Cancer is the worst disease which a dog can get because of poor quality dog food as people have a habit of assuming the worst after hearing the word cancer and rightfully so in this case because of the lack of research on cancer in dogs and the lack of any treatment thereof.

Research has shown that the major culprit behind canine cancer is poor quality food. Poor quality foods contain large amounts of additives and preservatives and sometimes pesticides too especially in foods which contain fillers as those fillers are often soaked in pesticides before being added to dog food. Studies of dyes and additives, in mice, has shown that they can cause cancer and these food dyes and additives are used in dog food. Often there is no oversight in the production of dogfight which leads to deterioration in quality.

Cancer can be a result of many different factors but it is better to look into the dog food you’re using for your pet and conduct some background research on the company which is producing food for your pet. Cancer is very hard to beat in dogs so it is better to take preventive measures because it will be very hard to find a replacement for a dog you love.

  1. Obesity

According to a report by the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention (APOP), nearly 58 percent of dogs are either overweight or obese. Even though this sounds far-fetched but obesity creates many problems for dogs, problems very similar to the ones humans face because of obesity.

Obesity is often commonly associated with dog food, but the good thing is that it’s really easy to avoid. Many of the diseases in our world today are caused by weight problems. Obesity in dogs can result in problems like diseases of the joints such as arthritis and cardiac arrest is also associated with obesity. Obesity increases the risk for liver and kidney diseases also it can result in diabetes as well.

People who suffer from these problems don’t have a very happy life, it is the same case with dogs. Some of you playful ones may delay these diseases by virtue of their active lifestyle but the true salvation only lies in high-quality dog food.

While shopping, it is important to have a look at the ingredients charts to ensure that there are no filler materials because they’re the items which lead to obesity in out pet friends. The fillers which were mentioned earlier (soy, wheat etc.) are not the only ones responsible, one must also stay away from artificially added sugars and carbohydrates when they don’t really have any meat in them. Getting carbs from these sources would load the dogs with them but they won’t get any nutrition. To get that nutrition, one must look for food products which contain meat, with low-fat content, protein in them.

Even though we’ve seen that a large number of diseases are linked to dog food but this isn’t a bad news, in fact, it is a blessing in disguise as it allows you to better prepare yourself and only get the best quality food for your dog. These are simple things which can be easily checked but they help ensure that your pet spends a long and healthy life with you.

Making changes in food doesn’t guarantee that nothing will ever happen to the dog now, it will, however, give some peace of mind and some closure when the time finally comes. Reading the labels is a simple task and it doesn’t even consume much time but it can yield great benefits for your pet. Dogs are known as man’s best friends, it important we return this gesture in kind.

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