Go Pet Club Soft Pet Crate Review

Go Pet Club Soft Pet Crate is a soft, but sturdy product that makes it really easy to travel with your pets. Disassemble and pack it during travel and reassemble it within minutes when you reach your destination. This is really easy to put together and is compact to carry as well.

Go Pet Club Soft Pet Crate Review

The soft pet crate is made from polyester and is further strengthened by PVC. Mesh doors offer the pet good visibility and keep it well ventilated inside. The mesh fabric actually acts like the windows on the crate. They allow free flow of air across the pet crate and at the same time are quite durable too. The nylon provides a strong cover for the pet crate. It is the flexibility of the fabric that allows the crate to be folded. It is also waterproof and does not easily retain stains. When it does, it can be washed off easily.

The pet crate derives its structural integrity from the tubular steel frame inside. The metal frame is sturdy and retains its shape even after prolonged use. It does not catch rust easily and is long lasting. The crate comes in varying sizes, to match the needs of different breeds. However, it is not meant for bigger pets, who tend to be very powerful and can tear through the crate.

The design of the pet crate is such that the pet is visible to the owner at all times. The windows on the side come with a cover and can be easily rolled over. Also, the crate has two outlets – one on the top and the other in the front. This makes it easy for the pets to get in and out of the crate easily. The pet crate is secured with zippers. Though the zippers secure the pet inside quite well, the quality is not top notch. As with the windows, the mesh door can be rolled over, when not closed. The windows are present on all the four sides that keep the crate cool and the pet comfortable. Also, when the crate is not closed, there is no stray fabric hanging around and the flaps are neatly rolled up.

The crate also includes a sheepskin mat in the package. This acts as a dust mat for the dog. The dogs can eat inside or make a mess and the mat makes it easy to clean everything, as it is non-stick. It is removable and really easy to clean. When not in use, the whole crate can be disassembled and washed.

The crate also features two pockets on its side. To carry the crate easily, a cloth handle is also provided. The entire structure is lightweight to carry. So it is only the weight of the pet that the owner has to carry when they are using this crate.

When not in use, the pet crate can be folded, which also makes it a great travel companion. It is so compact when folded that it takes 93% less space and weighs 44% less. It also has a thickness of less than 2 inches in this form, making it really easy to fit into any suitcase.

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