How to Choose the Right Dog Kennel Cover

Uncovered kennels or crates can make many dogs feel restless and vulnerable. They have evolved from den animals and it is onlyHow to Choose the Right Dog Kennel Cover natural for them to want to sit back and relax in a cave. Their covered kennel becomes their quaint little home within home. It is only inside a completely closed off area that they feel safe and relaxed. Of course, there is the security aspect to it too. Covers protect dogs from the elements of nature. There are many factors that go into deciding which kennel cover to use for the dog.


Kennel Fit

This is one of the most crucial aspects to consider while buying a dog kennel cover. Of course, when you are buying a cover, it has to fit! Measure the kennel properly and buy a cover that is a little bigger than the kennel’s dimensions. If it is too small, it will not fit and if it is too loose, then it will not provide proper protection for the pet and will look hideous as well.


Indoor or Outdoor Use

This is another important consideration while buying a cover, because this will help the owner decide on the material of the cover. If the kennel is subjected to a good amount of outdoor use, the most important factor to keep in mind is the weather conditions in the area you live in. If the region receives high rainfall then a waterproof cover is a must. Kennel covers come in a variety of materials including plastic, wood, nylon and so on. For indoor use, individual preferences can be considered. For instance, a wooden cover will help the dog kennel gel well with the furniture inside the living room.



Kennel covers vary in quality depending on the price range they fall in. There are cheaper options available, but they do not deliver quality and performance. If the cover is thin and the design not good, then more often than not, the dog will rip out the cover, rendering it useless. If you have to buy another, it is not much of a saving. So, make sure to invest a little more and get better quality cover, so you do not have to buy a kennel cover all over again.



The design of the kennel cover should be properly inspected to find out the sources of airflow and light. Since the cover will be on most of the time, the dog should be comfortable in its home. The cover should have provisions for windows to accomplish that. Obstructed airflow and lack of sunlight can rain catastrophe on the health of the dog.


Removable or Fixed

The kennel covers can be permanently fixed on the kennels or can be temporarily placed on them. The latter option works well for people who travel more. They need to disassemble and reassemble the kennel and hence, will have to frequently remove the covers. However, it is quite easy to find many varieties of kennel covers that can be fixed than the temporary cover type.


Easy on the Eyes

Whether it is an inside or an outside kennel, it should always be kept in mind how well it goes with your scheme of furniture, garden or the house, in general. It should not be hideously conspicuous. There is no dearth of products in the market that range from cute fabric kennel to elegant wooden frames.


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