How to Stop your Dog from Begging?

Why are most people annoyed when their dogs show up, licking their feet and rolling on them during a meal? How do people stop these dog begging gestures? Let us find out!

Although, that furry creature, rolling on people’s feet, with eyes wide open and tongue sticking out of its jaw may tempt people to How to Stop your Dog from Begging?treat it with a dog treat, some question whether it is a health habit. People need to understand that canines, whether trained or untrained, are usually asking for good treats and table scraps. It does not matter how much we love them, giving them a treat every time, may turn them into pests, asking for a table scrap whenever people sit down for a meal. This can be both, unhealthy for a dog, and a nuisance for its owners.

That extra piece of chicken or meat, will not make a dog strong or fulfill the nutritional needs  to make it healthy. Instead, it can be harmful for the dog. These scraps, when provided in abundance can alter the internal state of people’s dogs, driving them towards being sick for a long period of time. Dogs and humans do not have the potency to digest the same amount and the same types of foods.

Moreover, at one point, dogs understand that certain gestures can help them get whatever they want. These gestures may include whining, pawing or rolling on people’s feet. Dogs might get used to performing these begging gestures, to get a dog treat out of every meal its owners has at the kitchen table. Although, these gestures are learned and dogs are not born knowing these gestures, people need to know how they can stop them. However, most people are not properly familiar with them. Moving on, let us talk about some of the common, yet effective ways to stop dogs from begging for treats.

Training Your Dog

Before setting off to train their dogs, people must consult a professional dog trainer about their options. Most people do not prefer handing their dogs to a professional dog training firm. However, these people are not familiar with the concept of advice, which professional dog trainers can provide and can be very helpful in the future.

People need to consider the fact, that in order to stop the begging gestures of their canines, they not only have to train and discipline their dogs, but also themselves. People have to restrain themselves from giving dog treats to their dogs, everytime it asks for one. Moreover, if people hold back from giving their dogs a treat once, and then give all of these treats on other occasions, it can send a mixed message to their dogs. One of the facts people need to consider is that sending a mixed message might not be the best way to train their dogs.

People need to make sure that for good training, the dog gets the same consistant message, every time it attempts to make a begging gesture. It may need some time, several tries even, but it will turn out to be a good decision in the end. One of the other aspects of consistency, in training a dog, is that people need to make sure that there is a fixed meal time for their dog every day. If their dog knows that it will get its food on the same time every day, the dog will not seize other opportunities to grab a bite.

Another way people can train their dogs not to beg, is turning away from the dog every time its shows them their sad puppy-eyes. It is the best way to tell the dog that this habit is not encouraged. People should make sure to avoid the dog in such situations, rather than petting or talking to it. This will not reduce the affection between humans and dogs, instead, the dog will realize that begging is a bad habit.

Arrange Distractions For Your Dog

Training the dog might not be as simple as it seems to most people. Another way of stopping the begging gestures of dogs is to set a distraction for them, before people sit down to have a meal. Dogs can smell a meal and be tempted to share it with humans. Rather than being harsh, just arrange for a distraction, such as a toy. One top of that, people need to make sure that the toy is not usual for their dog. The dog might have got bored with the toy, and still end up asking for a treat.

There is also the option of laying down the dog in the designated area. This way people will not be disturbed by those puppy-eyes, as soon as they are about to eat. People can also lock their dogs up in its crate, if the dog has been crate trained before.

People can also tech their dogs behavioral tips, when it is not the mealtime of the dog, or the person. Next, it is also helpful if people are teaching their dogs the norms of society. This can help dogs learn, that begging gestures are not a good thing in your relationship with them.

Become The Alpha In The Relationship

Most people might have left it uncertain for their dog about who is the boss in the relationship. This way the dog might take charge itself and feel that it owns the house. One of the basic tips to stop the begging of dogs or to teach them the right behavior to adopt, is to let them know who the master is. This can help people train their dogs, without any harsh steps taken.

The Final Verdict

Dog begging is one of the most widespread problems of dog owners throughout the world. No matter how much people love their dogs, they will eventually get tired of their dog, wagging its tail and asking for a treat every time people sit down to have their meals. In this fast paced technology controlled era, people are in a race against the competitive market.

A 9 to 5 desk job slave needs a moment of peace when he finally sits back to have a meal after an exhausting day at the office. However, when their dog appears, asking for a table scrap, people can get annoyed. Hence, the above mentioned techniques can help people stop their dogs from begging for treats, every time they see their owners holding meal.

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