Petmate Sky Kennel Dog Crate Review

These days, most of the pet kennels are pretty much the same in terms of looks as well as quality. However, Petmate Sky Kennel deserves a bit of special attention in this category. Surely, it is nothing fancy and doesn’t pretend to be posh either. But, under that bland exterior, something else is at work – good engineering and remarkable understanding of pet needs. Just look at the kennel for instance. It is well ventilated in all the 4 directions, so that the pet never feels claustrophobic. This also keeps the insides free from any odors and allows the pet owners to keep an eye on their pet.

Petmate Sky Kennel Dog Crate Review


The manufacturer has gone to great lengths to make this a long lasting and durable product. The heavy duty plastic construction and solid metal wire door provide it the strength it needs to survive the onslaughts of even powerful dogs. Since metal nuts and bolts tend to rust, Petmate has fitted this kennel with sturdy plastic nuts, extending the life span of the product significantly. Although this is an excellent move from the manufacturer, it has a small disadvantage. Most airlines allow only metal nuts. Therefore, you will have to buy some metal nuts and use them in place of the plastic ones when you are air travelling. It might seem like an inconvenience, but you will be surprised to know that every so called “airline approved” plastic kennel requires modifications. With that in mind, this is a minor inconvenience.

This kennel is closest to an airline-ready crate. The product comes with “Live Animal” and “This Side Up” stickers, which can be pasted on its sides during air travel. The 4-side ventilation, fully enclosed plastic casing, included zip ties for better support, and other features qualify this kennel for most airlines. So, if you can get some metal nuts from a retail store nearby, to replace the plastic ones on this kennel, you are good to go. If you are wondering what the zip ties are for, you will need them to prevent someone from freeing the pets from their cage, by mistake or deliberately.

The locking mechanism on this one is exactly what it should be. Dogs are smarter than most people think. Many pups and even adult dogs who have not been properly trained, can easily escape from their cages by opening the latches using creative methods. But not from this kennel. Its locking mechanism is pretty much foolproof and your pet can never get out of it. Also, pets are quite adept at wiggling and squeezing themselves out of collapsible crates. Since this is tightly bolted from all sides, it is practically impossible for them to escape at all.

Petmate Sky Kennel comes in 5 different sizes to suit your pet’s size. The lowest size comes with the dimensions of 21 inches X 16 inches X 15 inches, while the largest one is 40 inches X 27 inches X 30 inches in size. While purchasing the kennel, you will have a rough idea of how big your dog will be when it is fully grown, if it is a puppy now, so buy accordingly. Although the kennel is pretty aerated, it is better if the kennel leaves some free space for your dog inside for easy movement. Just remember, the largest version of this kennel barely makes it inside an SUV. So, don’t expect to fit it inside your sedan or a mini car.

The kennel is very convenient to use. In addition to the top handle, there are side bars or handles protruding on the sides of the kennel which enable the user to lift it easily. This is particularly helpful during air travel as the staff might use the top handle roughly, and break it in the process. The side protrusions can withstand the load even when lifted with a fairly heavy dog inside it.

Adding to the convenience factor is the water cup with a divider. The cup is not just added there to increase its appeal as with other manufacturers and can actually hold some food and water for the pets. It is mounted on the inside, which is quite natural considering that the animal is inside. But, this can be a problem with some airlines. They do not allow kennels with inside mounted food dishes. Even if some

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