Playtime Protectors: Dog Playpens or Pet Gates?

Playtime is your dogs favorite time. It not only gets to play with its favorite person in the world – you, but also stretch its muscles Playtime Protectors- Dog Playpens or Pet Gates?and spend its energy. You see, dogs are very energetic animals. They have to spend their energy somewhere are they get restless, which is not good for their overall health. However, a pet owner’s home, although a heaven for the pets, is not without its issues. A loose handing wire, a sharp edge of a table, or anything similar can end up hurting pets in unexpected ways. Just like with children, the house has to be “dog-proofed”, so that your pet can enjoy its playtime freely. There are two ways you can ensure that your dog enjoys danger-free playtime – playpens and pet gates. Both of them have their own advantages and disadvantages. We have discussed them below to allow you to make a better decision on which one to buy.


High Safety

A playpen is a clear winner on this one. You have complete control of what goes inside a playpen, be it the pet toys or the number of pets. On the other hand, howsoever careful you are with your room, there is always the possibility that you missed something that can end up hurting your dog. Most playpens have a steel frame and sport fabric panels, which are soft against the pet’s body. So, when it comes to safety, a playpen is an easy winner.



Like we discussed before, dogs are remarkably energetic. They need a lot of space to run around and spend all their accumulated energy. A playpen does not provide much space, particularly for the large breed of dogs. On the other hand, you can dog-proof a small area in your house, and the entire area can be your dog’s playground, with a bit of help from a pet gate. This will give it the chance to hop, run, jump, and do whatever it likes, while being free from any sharp objects or other dangers.


Dog Size Matters

If you have a pup, you will need to guess the size it will grow to be as an adult, while buying a playpen. Often, you may find it growing beyond your expectations, and realize that the playpen is now useless to hold the pet. This is not so with a pet gate for obvious reasons. If you have a fairly adult dog, then either pet gate or playpen would do. Apart from this, for particularly large dogs such as Mastiffs or Great Danes, a playpen may not be tall enough to contain them.



Playpen does more than just provide a playful environment. It can serve well to housebreak the dog as well. Rowdy dogs can pretty much chew through anything that comes their way in the house. So, a pet grate serves no use in preventing the damage caused by such aggressive pets. Even in the case of playpens, it’s better to go with those made of metal wires. They are robustly built and can withstand the onslaughts of yet to be trained dogs. Therefore, if you have a dog that needs to be housebroken or is aggressive, playpens are a better playground for them.



If frequent travel is a thing in your family or if you live alone with your pet, then you will need to carry it with you. A number of playpens are available in the market which are easily foldable and can be carried wherever you go. So, a playpen will become your pet’s playground, wherever you go. Moreover, dogs can easily get scared of the new environment. During those times, its playpen will be something that is very familiar to it, and will create a comfort zone. It will calm its nerves and keep it comfortable during travel.


Both playpens and pet gates have their own benefits. So, choosing one over the other solely depends on your requirement. As described above, you can ponder on what factors matter to you the most and make your selection. However, if you find yourself completely lost, then fret not. There are some products available in the market which can work as both a playpen and a pet gate. Most of these convertible products hardly require any serious effort either. May be they are better for you.

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