How to Save a Choking Dog?

Dogs love to explore their environments through their mouth, but this can sometimes get them in a lot of trouble. Some people How to Save a Choking Dog?are lucky, as they do not have to face any issue of everything their dog eats, passes through its system. On the other hand, there are people who have to go through the painful scenario of seeing their dogs choking and failing to breathe properly. Due to dog’s indiscriminate eating habits and their innate curiosity to eat whatever they see, they can get things stuck in their mouths and throats. This raises the question; do most people know how to save their choking dogs?

Although dogs have an anatomy and a built-in functionality to fight against choking. However, this certainly does not mean that canines cannot be subjected to choking. The human larynx a is quite similar to that of dogs, the only difference being that it is pulled down the throat more and it also pulls the tongue with itself.

Canines suffer choking quite rarely, but if they do, one of the most important things people need to do is ‘Stop Panicking’. No doubt keeping calm is not as easy as it may sound, however, it might be the best chance for you to be successful in helping a choking dog. The main reason of staying calm is that every minute people waste in panicking, increases the time the dog stays in pain. Furthermore, there are a number of other precautions people need to opt, in order to save their choking dog.

Steps To Take To Save a Choking Dog

  • Evaluate the Situation

First things first! People need to make sure what the situations their dogs are going through is. They have to see if their dog is coughing. Similarly, it is also vital to recognize if the dog is taking breaks in between to breathe some air. If the dog is coughing or pausing for air, it is a sign that the dog is not actually choking. Evaluating the situation, as quickly as possible is very important in order to take any steps further, towards helping choking dogs.

People need to make sure that if their dogs are wheezing, trying to grab some air or coughing, they call the veterinarian ASAP. If the dog can breathe, it is possible that it will be okay for a short while. However, people also need to understand that any effort to help the dog in such a situation might lodge, whatever is stuck in the dog’s throat, further down the dog’s throat, even harming the throat.

  • Make Sure the Your Dog is Calm

People should do their best in keeping their dogs calm and composed. It may be a daunting task, however, the increase in the dog’s agitation will also make it difficult for the dog to breathe. People must observe some of the following signs, to deem that the dog is choking or not.

  • People need to stand with the dog’s neck and head held down and low, in a straight line.
  • If the dog is drooling excessively or drooling.
  • People need to see if the dog is coughing, struggling to breathe or wheezing.
  • See if the dog is pawing at its mouth or has grey or blue gums.
  • Also, see if the dog is acting unusually anxious or observe the chest movements of the dog.
  • Notice of the dog loses consciousness or collapse unexpectedly.
  • Swallowing May Help Your Dog

People can encourage their dogs to swallow whatever is forcing them to choke, by rubbing the throat of their dogs gently. If the dog swallows but continues to carry out the same movements, people must look inside the mouth to see if there is anything blocking the air passage. If there is, people can remove it, and even easily if they have some help.

People can ask someone to hold down their dog firmly, while they themselves remove whatever is blocking the air passage. However, if there is no assistance available, people can hold the dog between their legs with their weight and try to remove the obstruction in the air passage.

However, one of the most important things people need to understand is that without proper training, they cannot attempt to carry out such an operation. Calling a veterinarian as soon as possible is a much better option, and it will also increase the chances of your dog going through less pain and getting back on its feet faster.

Common Items Dogs Choke On

  • Cooked Bones

Rawhide chews and cooked bones are two of the most common things which might break up and force dogs to choke. These things have splinters and pieces which can be lodged down the throat of the dogs block their air passage. Moreover, pups might think that rawhide is easily eatable, after they become moist with the pups saliva.

  • Chew Toys and Sticks

Just like cooked bones, sticks might break of and the splinters might be pushed down the throat of canines easily. On top of that, chew toys are also dangerous and they might rip of and get stuck in most dog’s throats.

  • Toys of Children

The toys kids have at home are few of the things which might intrigue dogs. These toys also include small ones, which are shewed on by dogs more often than we observe. Hence, people need to keep these toys away from the dogs and their collection of chew toys.

  • Rocks

There are many dogs which enjoy chewing on rocks. These rocks can push down dust particles in the dog’s throat and can pose to be a serious threat, leading to a choking dog at the end.

Bottom Line

Canines find it fun to explore their surroundings with their mouth. Dogs so not develop this habit over time, instead they are born with it. However, people need to make sure that such habits do not turn painful and deadly for their dogs. Keeping check with the tips mentioned above can help people save their choking dogs, when the time arises.


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