Types of Dog Bedding

Dog beddings are for all practical purposes your dog’s only furniture. It is its comfort zone where it can take a nap or just lie about. But, dog beddings are meant to do more than just that. If your dog is sensitive to hard surfaces, then the bedding will become its playground. Since it is so important for your dog, it is only right that you spend some time considering the best type of bedding for it.

Before you go hunting for dog beddings, bear in mind that just because a particular type of bedding is super comfy and feels nice, it doesn’t mean that it is the best one for your dog. A lot depends on how your dog will use the bedding. Observe whether the dog is in the habit of sleeping on things. Does it like sleeping on couch? Is it very energetic? Does it spend a lot of time in its kennel? Does it travel frequently with you? These and many other such factors should play a deciding role in what kind of bedding you should get for your dog. On a broad level, dog beddings are categorized into 4 types. Read on to find which one is most suitable for your dog.



These are the Swiss Knife of dog beddings. They are so versatile that you can practically use them anywhere and anyhow. Need a dog matsleeping space for your dog? Done. Taking your dog in the car and don’t want the pet to make any scratches? Check. Moreover, they come in various material types such as terrycloth, cotton, soft plastic, recycled fibers, and so on. They are usually very easy to clean, in case the pet soils them. Also, the pets can be trained to view them as the “go to” spot whenever ordered. So, every time you order it to go home, just go, it will go and sit on its mat.

Moreover, there will always come a time when you will need a dog crate or kennel. During those times, place the dog mats on the floor of the crates, which are usually quite hard. Whether you are housebreaking the dog, punishing it, or leaving it in the kennel until you return from work, dog mats are what will keep it comfortable inside. The best thing about dog mats is that they do not move to one side of the crate just because the pets push them, which isn’t the case with other type of beddings.


Dog beds are the most popular type of beddings today. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes. So, when you are shopping forpet bed a dog bed, first make an estimate of how big your dog is going to be as an adult, if you have a puppy. Further, dog beds have come a long way now. Not only do they come in various shapes such as circular, oval, square, doughnut, and so on, there are specialty dog beds available too. For instance, orthopedic dog beds provide supreme comfort for dogs with orthopedic problems. If you live in a cold climate, there are dog beds that reflect the heat back to your dog. Similarly, for warmer climates, there are dog beds that provide cooling effect. Dog beds are usually very comfortable for the pets. Usually, they come with raised edges, which give the feel of a den for these den animals.



pet pillowDog pillows combine the best of both mats and beds into one versatile bedding. They do not have edges like a dog bed, but are lightweight and easy to carry like a dog mat. On top of it, their soft and cushiony body relieves any joint or muscle pain that the dog may be experiencing. They can be easily carried with you wherever you go in the car and hardly occupy much space. Indeed, they are very easy to clean as well, which makes them highly convenient to use.



Sofas are the ultimate in comfort for your dogs. Its smooth surfaces prevents any blisters or chafing from forming on your pet’s dog sofaskin. Its soft cushions help them relax and relieve them of any muscle pains or joint pain from activity on hard surfaces. If your dog is having any bone related problem, then this is the most comfortable bedding type for it. However, beware to get these only after your dog has been housebroken as they tend to chew anything that is soft. Also, while buying it check whether your dog is able to properly use it. Some old dogs might find it difficult to get out of some of these very soft sofas, every time they sink in.

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